CloudWave to Serve as Curated Partner to Help Healthcare Organizations Reduce Exposure to Cyber Threats in Conjunction with USI Insurance Services’ PrivaSafe


CloudWave, a company focused on healthcare data security, has formed an agreement with USI Insurance Services to serve as a curated partner providing cybersecurity and IT services for its PrivaSafe service. The agreement aims to help healthcare organizations reduce their exposure to cyber threats and secure the best cyber liability insurance premiums. 

In addition to mitigating cyber threats and adhering to government cybersecurity frameworks (recommended or mandated), healthcare organizations are also tasked with taking action to achieve the best cyber liability insurance premiums possible. Taking the proper steps to mitigate risk can help improve an organization’s cybersecurity posture. 

USI Insurance Services’ PrivaSafe is a proprietary cyber solution designed to enhance an organization’s cyber risk profile by reducing exposure to urgent vulnerabilities and emergent threats. The curated partner program offers organizations preferred access to industry-leading cyber risk management providers at discounted pricing. CloudWave, the largest independent cloud and managed EHR hosting provider in healthcare, has been delivering secure IT services to the healthcare market via the cloud for more than a decade. 

With cybercriminals increasingly targeting healthcare organizations, CloudWave provides a unique level of security by enabling hospitals to implement a fully managed cybersecurity program, resulting in complete HIPAA and NIST compliance, with end-to-end service and support from a single provider. The company’s Sensato Cybersecurity suite combines the ability to comply with best practices and regulations, detect threats, and respond to cybersecurity incidents in a fully integrated and easy-to-deploy holistic platform.  

Furthermore, CloudWave’s OpSus managed cloud services are built to exceed all security and compliance requirements for healthcare. The company’s Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) employs a unique tactical approach to cybersecurity with continuous monitoring by cybersecurity analysts while incorporating machine learning. Blending cybersecurity and cloud service delivery operations into a single extended healthcare ecosystem, spanning public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises healthcare technology environments, is unprecedented and provides customers with a seamless, enhanced experience. 

“Cybersecurity must be a top priority for healthcare organizations of all sizes. CloudWave is proud to partner with USI Insurance Services in our shared commitment to fortifying healthcare organizations against cyber threats,” said Erik Littlejohn, CEO of CloudWave. “By combining our expertise in healthcare data security with USI’s innovative PrivaSafe service, we’re empowering hospitals to proactively mitigate risks, enhance their cybersecurity posture, and ultimately reduce their cyber liability insurance premiums.” 

CloudWave and USI will also host a Cyber Liability Insurance and Cybersecurity Strategy Webinar on February 28. The session will outline the top ten cyber liability underwriting areas of focus and provide tips and tactics for meeting those requirements to keep healthcare organizations and their patients safe from cyber-attacks.