CloudWave Launches New CloudCare+ Fully Managed Patching Service for Healthcare

Proven Approach to Maintenance Keeps Healthcare IT Environments Compliant and Secured Against Cyber Threats

CloudWave, the expert in healthcare data security, unveils its new fully-managed patching service, CloudCare+, specifically designed to alleviate the strain systems maintenance places on healthcare IT. Regularly patching vulnerabilities is critical to ensuring the security of healthcare IT systems and providing patients with the highest quality of care. However, healthcare IT departments face many challenges when scheduling and conducting maintenance, including staffing shortages, budget cuts, inadequate patching processes, and downtime.

According to a new report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services in partnership with the Health Sector Coordinating Council, 96% of hospitals are operating with systems and software programs that contain known vulnerabilities. Further research showed that 57% of hospitals that suffered cyberattacks stated that their breaches could have been prevented if they had installed an available patch.

Utilizing the proven CloudCare+ patch maintenance strategy, healthcare enterprises can prevent cyberattacks, as well as performance slowdowns and regulatory compliance issues. CloudCare+ solves these challenges with a skilled service team that utilizes a proven process throughout the entire patching cycle. This enables healthcare IT teams to take a hands-off approach to maintenance while CloudWave keeps the environment compliant and secured against cyber threats.

“Among the arsenal of techniques utilized by cyber-criminals, unpatched vulnerabilities stand out as one of the most commonly exploited weaknesses,” said Mark Middleton, Chief Cloud Officer of CloudWave. “Incorporating a structured approach to change management with CloudCare+ enables customers to focus on priorities such as protecting patients by ensuring critical systems—and their data—remain secure, while we handle the patching process.”

The new CloudCare+ fully managed patching service for healthcare IT includes:

  • Customized Scheduling: The CloudCare+ cycle takes place on a cadence of the user’s choosing, allowing an organization to have a set window when maintenance occurs.
  • Tailored System Assessment: Every healthcare IT environment is different- which is why customers who adopt CloudCare+ will have their entire system environment evaluated and inventoried, allowing CloudWave to understand any specific environment’s unique needs.
  • Comprehensive Management: In addition to keeping critical operating systems secure and compliant, CloudCare+ also patches and maintains hundreds of third-party applications.
  • Maintenance Events: CloudWave’s skilled service agents conduct the entire process, including downloading necessary updates, pre-patching, and executing the full event.
  • Communication and Support: CloudWave’s CloudCare Center is staffed in the U.S., with helpline and engineering resources available 24x7x365. Throughout the duration of the proven CloudCare+ maintenance cycle, CloudCare service agents provide scheduled reminders and success/failure reporting.

CloudCare+ is available to hospitals and healthcare organizations. For more information, please contact CloudWave at