Cloudbreak Health Launches MarttiNext

Pioneering Advancements to Improve the Patient-Provider Experience

Cloudbreak Health, LLC, (“Cloudbreak”), a leading unified telemedicine and video medical interpretation solutions provider, officially launched its most advanced product offering to date, MarttiNext. The solution brings significant enhancement to the user experience with rock-solid network stability that enhances accessibility, scalability and reliability.

“Hundreds of our large health system customers have made the transition to MarttiNext in 2019 and now, it’s time to expand this breakthrough offering to all existing and future customers,” said Jamey Edwards, Cloudbreak Health CEO. “Cloudbreak Health has a tradition of being the first to market with innovations that significantly improve how care is delivered. MarttiNext will play a vital role in addressing hospitals’ focus on decreasing health disparities. MarttiNext is the last mile solution that will allow doctors and caregivers the ability to truly communicate with patients and their caregivers regardless of language barriers.”

MarttiNext will play a vital role in addressing hospitals’ focus on decreasing health disparities, said Cloudbreak Health CEO Jamey Edwards

MarttiNext is the latest generation of Cloudbreak’s signature anytime, anywhere, any device video medical interpretation software, providing access to certified medical interpreters in hundreds of languages at the push of a button. MarttiNext will now be available nationwide to Cloudbreak customers on iOS, Android, PC, Chrome Browser and Kindle Fire.

“MarttiNext is one of the best products I have seen in the 10+ years I’ve worked in this field,” said Evan Lee-Ferrand, Medical Interpreter Supervisor at VCU Health System. “Patients and providers are extremely happy with the high video resolution that allows the interpreter to relay the message in real-time. Because of this advanced technology, Cloudbreak’s talented and experienced interpreters are able to showcase their skills in order to effectively facilitate communication between staff and community members.”

User experience improvements include:

  • Telemedicine interoperability –  Cloudbreak was the first company to integrate a language interpreter into a telemedicine call and its latest platform continues that legacy allowing for enhanced video interoperability with any standards-based telemedicine platforms (such as Zoom, Vidyo, Polycom, Cisco or Skype) and patient engagement platforms (such as Aceso, MyWall and pCare).
  • Enhanced support for HD video – MarttiNext is designed to work with the latest hardware in providing a high-definition video experience with upgradability to 4K video creating a rich telepresence experience.
  • Multi-party calling – MarttiNext’s call routing engine enables resources on demand, allowing a telemedicine call to bring in an interpreter or an additional resource such as a family member or remote caregiver to be added to a video medical interpretation. These calls can be cross-platform, utilizing MarttiNext’s video interoperability engine. In addition, hospitals can use their own interpreters via MarttiNext’s micro call center functionality.
  • Expanded reporting capabilities – A newly updated code base further expands Martti’s reporting capabilities, allowing unified reporting across modalities that enable hospitals to report across modality silos and optimize their mix of services to better manage quality, cost and customer service.
  • Easy, intuitive and engaging user interface – MarttiNext has built its latest experience around years of feedback from users. With multiple ways to access a resource, MarttiNext is a platform that will enhance the experience for patients and providers alike.


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