Ciox Health Partners with Diameter Health
To Accelerate Digital Network Strategy


Diameter’s Fusion Engine To Serve as the Foundation To Enable CIOX To Deliver Timely and Comprehensive Digital Data Across its Product Portfolio

Ciox Health®, a Datavant company, announced a partnership with Diameter Health, a data interoperability leader and source for organizations seeking to get optimal value from clinical data. The partnership will enhance Ciox’s market-leading reach in data retrieval capabilities using Diameter Health’s Fusion engine, the best-in-class solution to transform raw clinical data into a standards-based, high quality, interoperable data asset.

Clinical health data is particularly challenging to use and deploy at scale because it is fragmented across care settings, incomplete, and inconsistent. Organizations are increasingly aware of the potential of clinical data to help them achieve their clinical, financial, and operational goals, but are challenged in maximizing their investment in data acquisition. As data from provider electronic health records (EHRs) becomes widely available, it has become clear that specialized technology is required to make the data usable in analytics and workflows. Diameter Health’s unique and differentiated process—Upcycling Data™—generates the cleanest, clearest, most precise data in the healthcare space, providing fast and easy access to simple-to-understand, normalized, patient-centric clinical data.

Ciox has selected Diameter Health’s best in class technology to underpin its national data network and product suite of capabilities. The company is using Diameter Health technology to enhance the value of chart retrievals and provide actionable insights to its customers across multiple markets including healthcare payers and providers as well as legal and life insurance. Ciox previously announced the availability of its Data Utilities for payers, an enhancement to its Ciox Digital Direct offering that leverages Diameter Health’s Fusion engine. Data Utilities delivers an XML CCD file along with a PDF so that the data can be ingested in tools used in risk adjustment, population health analytics, and other use cases. The company plans to extend Diameter Health’s technology across additional market segments and build value-add solutions on top of data retrieval services that leverage Diameter Health’s upcycled data.

“Ciox is enabling the nation’s largest and most trusted clinical health data network by digitizing medical record retrieval,” said Pete McCabe, CEO of Datavant. “Our partnership with Diameter Health is an important step in achieving that goal. Diameter Health’s technology will enable Ciox to securely connect healthcare decision makers with analytics-ready data from patient medical records to ultimately drive better health and a more efficient healthcare system.”

“We are excited to be working with Ciox to accelerate their creation of the nation’s largest data ecosystem and further enhance their market leading clinical data retrieval and analytic solutions,” said Eric Rosow, CEO, Diameter Health. “By delivering upcycled data, we enable partners like Ciox to benefit from the full potential of clinical data—with rich insights into the health journey of individuals and the needs of entire populations.”