CharmHealth Partners With VitaminLab to Streamline Practitioner Workflows and Elevate Their Standard of Care


Now Providers Can Offer Personalized Supplement Plans to Patients Without Managing or Maintaining Inventory

CharmHealth has partnered with VitaminLab, a provider of personalized supplements designed to meet individual health needs. Through this seamless integration, healthcare providers from any size practice can formulate one-of-a-kind personalized supplements for patients in the same place patient health data is stored — the CharmHealth EHR.

“We are persistently looking for ecosystem partners who can elevate the standard of care for patients. VitaminLab certainly fits the bill,” said Pramila Srinivasan, Ph.D., CEO of CharmHealth. “Several providers use nutraceuticals to supplement their care. By integrating VitaminLab into the CharmHealth EHR, practitioners can see all of a patient’s medication and supplement data in one health chart when designing a personalized plan, and they don’t have to maintain or manage the inventory themselves, so there is high value-add. We see this as another opportunity to revolutionize how practitioners manage patient care.”

Key benefits of the partnership include:

  • The ability to quickly prescribe high-quality custom formulas: With this intuitive integration, users can seamlessly create custom formulas tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
  • Keeping patients on track while reducing supplement fatigue through all-in-one formulas: Simplify patients’ supplement regimens with comprehensive supplements that address multiple health concerns in a single formula.
  • Consolidating essential data within CharmHealth’s secure platform: This eliminates the need to juggle multiple systems.
  • Freedom from storing and managing inventory: Practitioners need not worry about inventory management hassles and upfront costs. They pay only for the formulas they prescribe to ensure cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

“We are excited to join forces with CharmHealth to redefine the standard of personalized care,” said Anton Solonnikov, CEO of VitaminLab. “By integrating our cutting-edge supplement platform with CharmHealth’s EHR system, we aim to empower healthcare providers and patients alike to embrace a more proactive and individualized approach to wellness, disrupting the status quo of traditional supplementation.”

With a strong commitment to quality, all 200+ of VitaminLab’s professional-grade ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers around the globe, prioritizing North American and European suppliers when possible. All formulas are made without the use of artificial fillers or binders at their NSF GMP-certified lab in Canada. Testing is performed at three points during production both internally and through third-party testing.

The VitaminLab app is now available through CharmHealthApps, CharmHealth’s health IT marketplace.