Challenges to Treating Chronic Kidney Disease

One in four people suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease have an unplanned re-admission to the hospital within 30 days!

Chronic Kidney Disease is a major problem. 31,661,648 people in the United States currently suffer from CKD or End Stage Renal Disease. A major problem for these people and for the healthcare system is re-hospitalization.

Often, when a person with CKD misses a dialysis appointment, it resutls in an Emergency Room visit. If the person’s care team is notified, they could simply go to the ER to administer the dialysis. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and it leads to huge medical expenses. The average re-hospitalization costs $20,794.


Cureatr helps by notifying care teams when their patients have been admitted to the ER, potentially avoiding a costly hospital readmissions.