CarePort Introduces Care Coordination Solution for Ambulatory Providers

CarePort platform helps bridge gaps in care between ambulatory providers, patients, and home- and community-based organizations

CarePort, powered by WellSky, a market leader in care transitions, today introduced CarePort Ambulatory, a solution that enables ambulatory providers, including physician offices, hospital outpatient departments, ambulatory surgical centers, specialty clinics, and urgent care centers, to improve collaboration with home- and community-based organizations and track patients across these settings. As hospitals become more reliant on ambulatory providers to support whole patient care, gaining insight into a patient’s care journey is critical to streamlining care transitions, achieving better patient outcomes, and improving quality of care at a lower total cost.

Through an electronic referral process, CarePort Ambulatory enables physician groups and other ambulatory providers to connect patients to home- and community-based organizations such as home health, durable medical equipment, transportation, food insecurity services, and physical therapy. Ambulatory providers can launch the referral tool directly from their electronic health record (EHR) to search a national database of services, maintain two-way communication throughout the referral process, and “close the loop” to ensure patients’ needs are met within their home or in the community.

“The CarePort platform takes away all of the manual detective work in transitional care management,” said Bill Johnjulio, M.D., chair, AHN Primary Care Institute and medical director, Physician Partners of Western Pennsylvania. “The platform provides us with the contextual information we need, in real-time, to better monitor patient transitions across the continuum of care.”

Integrating data from more than 1,000 CarePort customer hospitals and external data sources such as health information exchanges (HIEs), CarePort Ambulatory provides physicians with critical, real-time information to efficiently monitor patient discharges, transfers, and readmissions across the continuum and reengage with patients when needed. This increased visibility into patient status maximizes revenue opportunities for physician groups and other ambulatory providers under value-based care and transitional care management.

“As care is increasingly delivered outside the four walls of a hospital, physician groups and other ambulatory providers require the capabilities to support whole patient care,” said Lissy Hu, M.D., CarePort CEO and founder. “Our newest offering enables ambulatory providers to efficiently coordinate with home- or community-based organizations, and track and monitor care across settings – helping achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.”

To learn more about CarePort’s platform for ambulatory providers, contact a CarePort representative at or visit CarePort’s website.