StayWell Introduces Krames CareEngage SustainTM, An Interactive, Digital Solution to Manage Chronic Conditions

Sustain educates caregivers and patients with chronic conditions to improve care plan adherence and outcomes

The cost of treating patients with chronic conditions accounted for 86 percent of all US health care spending in 2010. Couple this with the fact that more than 50 percent of people in the United States live with at least one chronic condition, and the economic impact becomes staggering. The StayWell Company, a leading health solutions company, announced today the availability of Krames CareEngage SustainTM, an interactive solution designed specifically to support people living with chronic conditions.

CareEngage Sustain is a new product delivered through the Krames CareEngageTM platform, which was launched by StayWell in 2016. CareEngage powered by Doctella provides clinical checklists, engagement tools and patient education materials for people being treated for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure and asthma. The solution extends the reach of care professionals to support patients with the ongoing learning and behavior change needed to achieve desired health outcomes.

“Living with a chronic condition can have a long-term impact on a patient’s quality of life and on their financial situation, since these patients experience more out-of-pocket expenses and a higher incidence of absenteeism and lost productivity. Effectively managing a chronic illness can be an around-the-clock job requiring the support of multiple caregivers, family and friends,” said David Gregg, M.D., chief medical officer, StayWell. “CareEngage Sustain gives clinicians the ability to integrate education, patient reminders and checklists into their workflow, providing instructions and information to patients and tracking their progress.”

CareEngage Sustain features:

  • Personalized content through a “Patient Journey” feature;
  • Intelligent ‘start’ button that gives patients the most impactful information, reminders or support at the right time;
  • Easy-to-use calendar display with key dates that sync to a patient’s personal calendar;
  • Fast access to authoritative, but easy-to-digest content;
  • Engaging interactive activities and videos and more; and
  • The ability to explore StayWell’s broader Krames content library.

According to Nicole Latimer, CEO of StayWell, the Patient Journey is responsive to a patient’s activity within CareEngage Sustain. The platform and Patient Journey become increasingly personalized based on the individual’s answers to questions regarding their level of understanding about their condition. By providing the right information to patients at the right time and in appealing ways, we can better support patients on their journey to better health and management of their conditions.

“We’ve blended our expertise in clinical care, consumer e-learning, and behavior change science to create a solution that works with individual patients, moving them along the continuum of knowledge and behavior change, empowering them to ultimately manage their health and well-being for long-term, positive outcomes,” said Latimer.

The CareEngage platform originated from quality and safety checklist research performed at leading medical organizations across the country. Sustain is unique because it combines quality improvement science and physician-developed Doctella Smartlists in an open, interactive content framework that maps the complete patient journey, including: patient preferences, education, care instructions, symptom tracking, beliefs, belonging, insights and patient-reported outcomes and measures. The recent addition of a SMART on FHIR application to CareEngage facilitates the integration and use of the platform across provider locations, making it efficient for both clinicians and patients.

The innovative CareEngage platform supports a growing list of products. CareEngage Sustain now joins the CareEngage PrepareTM product, which educates and prepares patients for surgical procedures in order to reduce same-day surgery cancellations due to lack of adherence with preparatory instructions.

To learn more about Krames CareEngage or to join the Krames CareEngage Sustain Collective, a cohort of early adopters established by StayWell, visit

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