CareAbout Health Chooses Innovaccer for Expertise as Value-Based Provider Network Soars

CareAbout is scaling their value-based care growing provider network with the Innovaccer data platform, population health management, and analytics solutions

CareAbout, whose mandate is to improve healthcare by placing value-based care tools in the hands of the physicians, is leveraging Innovaccer’s Best in KLAS data platform, population health management solutions, and analytics to help its providers get actionable insights into quality, performance, and cost metrics; and drive risk stratification for predictive analysis to help them achieve their clinical and financial goals.

“Maintaining a successful medical practice while adjusting to the operational requirements of value-based care is a massive and complex undertaking for any provider organization,” said Dr. Nedal Shami, MD and CEO of CareAbout. 

CareAbout helps empower more than 1,500 member providers to enable value-based care success and energize growth. The CareAbout team needed a data platform that could create a unified patient record by integrating disparate HIT data sources, be deployed rapidly to support its providers’ 150,000-plus covered lives and myriad EHRs, and scale on-demand as the CareAbout network adds up to 200,000 additional lives within the year as planned. The ability to extend Innovaccer’s Unified Data Model (UDM) with their own insights and apply analytics to generate actionable insights from the expanded data set was also a key consideration.

Shami continued, “In order to run patient-focused practices, CareAbout’s technology-enabled and whole-person care delivery model enables our providers to offer the most efficient, affordable, and high-quality care. As CareAbout continues to forge new partnerships with providers, we’re confident that Innovaccer will help us scale and allow our  providers to thrive in a value-based environment.”

CareAbout will also use Innovaccer’s Population Health Management solution suite to unify patient data and drive whole-person, equitable, patient-centered care for patients, providers, and payers. By deploying an analytics-driven care management system, the care coordination team at CareAbout will be able to track care protocols’ performance, assessments, and improve productivity.

An interoperable, EHR-agnostic physician engagement solution will support providers’ efforts to address quality and coding gaps with intelligent point-of-care insights. Lastly, the population health analytics solution will help the providers better stratify the population and prioritize care operations to significantly and sustainably improve patients’ lives.

“The CareAbout team embraces the challenges facing providers today, and refuses to settle for the status quo,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer.

In recent years, with the shift in risk from health plans to providers as part of managed care arrangements, many of the functions and services traditionally managed by health plans, including clinical outcomes, are now owned and operated by the health systems and their providers. MSOs such as CareAbout now play a crucial role in helping providers apply a population health lens to their practice, with a focus on improving clinical, financial, operational, and experiential—as well as helping to ensure the delivery of socially responsible, equitable healthcare in the communities they serve.

“Armed with the insights made possible by the Innovaccer platform’s data and analytics technology, CareAbout’s network providers will be better prepared to improve clinical quality for underserved populations and be better aligned with their patients and their payer partners—a collaboration that’s crucial to ensuring success with value-based, equitable care,” said Shashank.