Cardinal Analytx Announces Board of Directors

Cardinal Analytx Solutions, a developer of advanced machine learning solutions for improving healthcare by predicting impending costs, today introduced its board of directors.
“Our board of directors brings significant experience both in healthcare and successfully growing entrepreneurial visions into market-changing companies,” said Thomas McKinley, CEO of Cardinal Analytx. “We welcome insight from people like Elizabeth Spaulding, the Global Head of Bain and Company’s digital practice; Kent Marquardt, who knows the health insurance segment inside out; and Dr. Mark Smith, a professor of Clinical Medicine at UCSF. With this team guiding the way, Cardinal Analytx has a significant opportunity to harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve healthcare and quality of life for patients, while reducing costs across the board.”
The board of directors is comprised of:

John Clarke – The chairman of Cardinal Analytx’s board, Clark also is a managing general partner of Cardinal Partners, where he has led investments in more than 100 growth companies with a cumulative market valuation exceeding $6 billion. He entered the venture industry in 1982 with DSV Partners, a pioneer venture capital fund. He led DSV’s healthcare and life sciences efforts, and was a co-founder and served as interim CEO of numerous successful companies, including Alkermes (NASDAQ:ALKS), Arris Pharmaceuticals, DNX (NASDAQ:DNXX) and Cubist Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:CBST). Clarke also led DSV’s evolution into Cardinal Partners as co-founder.

Kent Marquardt – A healthcare management executive with broad and deep experience, Marquardt is the CEO of Maverick Advisors LLC, which specializes in innovation and strategy with healthcare companies using analytics and customer engagement to attack inefficiencies in healthcare costs. Earlier in his career, he was executive vice president and CFO at Premera Blue Cross and held executive roles at American Dental Specialist Inc. and MedPartners Inc.

Thomas McKinley – Currently serving as Cardinal Analytx’s CEO, McKinley has a track record of helping entrepreneurs create significant and successful enterprises. In his role as a partner at Cardinal Partners, McKinley identifies early new market opportunities in health care and works with entrepreneurs, scientists, clinicians, engineers and inventors to build successful companies.

Dr. Mark D. Smith – Currently a professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and visiting professor at the School of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Smith is a nationally recognized health policy expert. He was elected to the Institute of Medicine where he chaired the IOM’s Committee on the Learning Healthcare System, which produced the widely-publicized 2012 report “Best Care at Lower Cost.” He also was a Menschel Senior Policy Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, and the former founding president of the California HealthCare Foundation.

Elizabeth Spaulding – Head of Bain & Company’s global digital practice, Spaulding has significant experience with both public and private equity-owned businesses and advises clients on a range of issues related to digital disruption, including reinvention of the customer experience, marketing, innovation in operations including automation and predictive analytics, as well as helping develop new products and services. She founded and leads ADAPT, Bain’s technical team of digital experts, and created the Bain Innovation Exchange that connects clients with venture capitalists, startups and major tech platforms.
“Cost blooms and tailored interventions are just the start of driving AI and machine learning solutions to managed care entities,” said Marquardt. “Cardinal Analytx offers the unique ability to analyze big data and apply machine learning to interventions, which will result in more opportunities and better outcomes for the patient and the risk bearing entities.”
Cardinal Analytx today also announced its advisory board, which brings together individuals who have decades of experience at leading healthcare plans, medical professionals and academics.