Captive Health Offering 24×7 Virtual Care via
KeyCare’s Epic-based Platform

Iowa-based Captive Health is first KeyCare partner to use Virtualists for national employer-sponsored coverage, ensuring better record sharing and continuity of care

KeyCare, an Epic-based virtual care provider, has partnered with Captive Health to deliver high-quality virtual care with licensed providers (aka Virtualists) to its covered members, including employees participating in Captive Health’s health plan for employers. Patients can get care wherever and whenever needed by having a virtual visit through the MyChart patient portal or through Captive Health’s mobile application.

“Virtual visits delivered through MyChart will provide employees that are part of Captive Health with 24/7 access to online clinicians when they need them the most,” said Tim Sagers, MD, President of Captive Health. “With provider-to-provider connectivity embedded across Epic’s electronic health records, KeyCare’s Virtualist providers will become an integral part of our healthcare team.”

Simply put, employees that are Captive Health members will now always have access to a provider virtually, should they need it. This is of particular benefit for businesses with employees in various locations throughout the country or, for example, trucking companies, that have employees who regularly travel to various locations.  The partnership with KeyCare will give all members of a patient’s care team access to the individual’s health record and ensure better continuity of care.

KeyCare offers health systems and similar organizations the ability to easily augment their care teams, optimize capacity, and widen their digital front doors by partnering with a nationwide network of virtual care providers working on its Epic platform, which then connects easily to other Epic-based health systems. For example, KeyCare Virtualists have access to each patient’s Epic health record while delivering online care. Virtualists use KeyCare’s Epic platform to document the visit and order medications, and details are seamlessly shared with members of the patient’s care team.

“We are delighted to partner with forward-looking organizations such as Captive Health to improve access and capacity through high-quality virtual care,” said Lyle Berkowitz, MD, CEO of KeyCare. “Furthermore, we are proud to roll out this first example of how health systems can partner with KeyCare to win national employee contracts in their own communities.”