Calibrate Partners with Withings Health Solutions to Better Serve its Members with Sustainable Weight Loss


Today, Calibrate, a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world treats weight, and Withings Health Solutions, an early pioneer of the connected health revolution, announced a partnership to improve the integration of digital connectivity and health tracking for sustainable weight loss. Following the partnership, as part of their Welcome Kit , all new Calibrate members now receive a Withings Body Pro, a connected cellular scale.

Calibrate is defining a new category in metabolic health that mirrors what the research shows—that weight reflects biology, not willpower. Bringing decades of clinical research directly to consumers through a virtual program, Calibrate combines doctor-prescribed medication with intensive lifestyle intervention to improve metabolic health and sustain long-term weight loss. The 52-week structured program includes biweekly 1:1 video accountability coaching and curriculum that spans classes, recipes, workouts, and more. Calibrate’s Inaugural Results Report demonstrated an average 15% weight loss among our earliest members, enabling its unparalleled Results Guarantee.

Withings Health Solutions is a dedicated division of Withings, designed to meet the needs of medical professionals, institutions, disease management programs, coaching platforms, remote patient monitoring programs, and researchers, allowing Withings devices and data analytics to be brought into third-party ecosystems.

Withings Body Pro has been customized to enhance the Calibrate member experience. It allows weight data to be securely transmitted within Calibrate’s purpose-built app via a customized, Calibrate-branded integration.  Unlike conventional smart scales, Body Pro works straight out of the box, requires no setup, and integrates fully and immediately with the Calibrate app making it easy to use for everybody.

A core part of the comprehensive-program, the Calibrate app supports daily tracking of food, energy level, weight, and bi-weekly goals through structured, holistic programs, and helps members stay connected to their Coaching and Medical Teams via video visits. Withings Body Pro allows for accurate readings to be captured daily. The information automatically connects to member profiles, enabling members to track weight over time and provide their medical teams with accurate information to understand their progress – a critical component to ensure success. 

“At Calibrate, we’re bringing effective treatment and care to the nearly 200 million American adults living with overweight and obesity ,” said Isabelle Kenyon, CEO and Founder of Calibrate. “We’re committed to tracking metabolic markers, along with weight, to ensure we can effectively help our members attain clinically significant and sustained weight loss by improving underlying metabolic health. We’re excited to be partnering with Withings, a respected name and pioneer in consumer health, to join us on this mission. Together, we’ll be able to bring metabolic health tracking to a new level by making it effortless and engaging, ultimately driving our north star: real results for our members.”

Studies show regularly tracking weight alongside other key metabolic markers helps people achieve weight loss results that last. By providing a comprehensive, holistic picture of a member’s health, Calibrate is better serving its members and placing them at the center of the experience. 

Over the past 12 years, Withings has placed user experience at the heart of its product development to ensure its easy-to-use devices are continually used.  As a result, its devices boast market-leading retention and usage rates, for example, 94% of Withings users regularly use their scales after one year. This is a compelling match to Calibrate’s 75% retention for its Masters Programs––a program for members wishing to deepen and sustain improvements after completing the first year––unlocking longitudinal data on obesity treatment that has not been previously available at scale.

To help Calibrate members consistently step on the scale and build lasting habits, Withings Body Pro has additional, thoughtful design elements, such as providing daily local weather forecasts and weight trends, to encourage daily use.

“We are proud to partner with Calibrate who is revolutionizing metabolic health through a tremendous focus on their member’s experience,” said Antoine Robiliard, VP Withings Health Solutions. “Like Calibrate, we believe the consumer experience has to be at the center of any program designed to encourage behavior change and look forward to fully supporting Calibrate so it can do what it does best, provide its members outstanding results and life-enhancing services.”