Calgary Scientific and Limantepe Partner to Offer Web and Mobile Diagnosis in Turkey

Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating innovative technology for the medical industry and beyond, announced today that they have partnered with Limantepe Technology & Life who will distribute their ResolutionMD® enterprise image-viewer in Turkey.

ResolutionMD® medical imaging software is now registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health for diagnosis using both web and mobile devices. This certification enables medical practitioners in Turkey to provide a higher standard of care by gaining quick, secure mobile access to diagnostic images with their web, iOS or Android devices.

Obtaining registration from the Turkish Ministry of Health means that ResolutionMD® is the only accredited mobile enterprise image-viewer in Turkey. The registration follows ResolutionMD’s FDA Class II clearance in the US, CE marking for Europe as well as accreditations in China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Europe, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

“Our comprehensive experience in the Turkish market combined with the power of ResolutionMD will be a game changer and create a new community focusing in modern healthcare services,” said Haluk Celikel, Founder of Limantepe. Managing Partner Murat Olgun added, “We believe mobile and web viewing features of ResolutionMD will help our clients to differentiate in the market – both our cloud based medical image portal and our on-premise solutions provide high level of integration to their processes and applications.”

“This registration in Turkey is another significant milestone for Calgary Scientific and continues to reinforce our leadership in obtaining accreditations for safe web and mobile diagnosis around the world,” said Dave Waldrop CRO and EVP Sales and Marketing at Calgary Scientific. “I am very pleased that Limantepe has joined our global partner network, giving caregivers in Turkey leading tools to offer state-of-the art patient care.

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About ResolutionMD®

ResolutionMD enables doctors to securely view patient images and reports from a wide variety of computers and mobile devices, collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location. Whether you are a single facility or a large healthcare system with tens of thousands of users, ResolutionMD is the best choice for seamless image access across multiple departments. ResolutionMD is globally accredited by the FDA, CFDA, TGA, PMDA, MDCO, MFDS, HSA, CE, ANVISA, Turkish MoH and Health Canada for mobile medical diagnosis. The software can be integrated into any EMR and easily plugs into existing distributed storage systems. ResolutionMD’s federated approach is an important differentiator from other solutions as highly sensitive data is never moved to any device and no additional data storage locations are created. ResolutionMD is currently installed in leading healthcare institutions around the world via a network of more than forty-five world class healthcare partners. For more information, go to


About Calgary Scientific Inc.

Calgary Scientific is the global leader in web and mobile diagnostic medical imaging and cloud enabling solutions. For more information on Calgary Scientific, go to


About Limantepe Technology & Life

Limantepe Technology & Life is a research and innovation company specializing in information technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Limantepe is established by Haluk Celikel and Murat Olgun after long track records in healthcare and information technology fields. Limantepe develops a Cloud Based Medical Image Archiving and Sharing Platform and offers highly integrated Hybrid Medical Image Archiving and Communication Systems to their clients. For more information on Limantepe Technology & Life, please visit