C2i Genomics and Premier Inc. Team Up to Bring AI-Powered, Personalized Cancer Detection and Treatment Monitoring to U.S. Healthcare Providers

C2i Genomics and Premier Bringing AI-Powered Cancer Detection and Treatment Monitoring to Providers

C2i Genomics, a cancer intelligence company, today announced it has signed a three-part collaboration agreement with Premier Inc., a leading technology-driven healthcare improvement company, to bring AI-powered cancer detection and monitoring to health systems in the Premier network.

Initially, this collaboration will establish a real-world evidence council and the potential development of a white paper that addresses best practices in point-of-care solutions. Furthermore, C2i Genomics will seek to engage Premier members in a research study relating to the use of the C2-Intelligence Platform, a cancer diagnostics service that monitors the patient’s disease progression and detects trace amounts of persistent or recurrent cancer much earlier, at far lower levels, to inform better treatment decisions and improve outcomes.

“By deploying the C2-Intelligence Platform to a broad network of provider settings, we have the potential to make real differences in the lives of patients,” said Asaf Zviran, co-founder and CEO of C2i Genomics. “We’re also excited to see what new insights and treatment efficiencies we can unlock by combining our rich data sets.”

C2i’s cancer intelligence technology works by applying whole-genome sequencing and artificial intelligence to just a 2ml blood sample to provide up to 100x more sensitive cancer detection than competing technologies. This technology also eliminates the need to develop a patient-specific assay, enabling high performance and personalized monitoring with reduced logistic and rapid turnaround. By partnering with Premier, C2i is positioned to build a robust collaborative data set that combines Premier’s clinical data with unique whole-genome minimal residual disease (MRD) data and insights.

Premier offers integrated data and analytics to improve healthcare for hospitals, health systems and other providers (including clinics) across the United States. The Premier Healthcare Database (PHD) is nationally representative and offers insights on more than one billion individual inpatient and outpatient encounters. Utilizing their robust dataset, the Premier Applied Sciences team develops clinical, financial and operational insights to help providers align care models and quality metrics to evidence-based outcomes.

“We’re thrilled to engage in this collaboration to gain a better understanding of MRD monitoring for cancer recurrence and help bring this innovative technology to our members,” said Denise Juliano, Group Vice President for Premier Applied Sciences. “This collaboration will also provide us with the unique ability to develop a robust genomics database to drive more insights and further improve our ability to help members deliver high-quality care.”