Bynder Strengthens Security of Marketing Software with HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare companies can now benefit from enhanced security through this cloud-based marketing solution

Full cycle marketing and branding solution, Bynder, recently became HIPAA compliant to deliver secure marketing software for healthcare companies. Requiring organizations to handle protected health information, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is a certification that sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Bynder achieved HIPAA compliancy status through a recent Coalfire assessment.

“At Bynder we understand the importance of added data security, especially for our clients who work in highly regulated industries. For our clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, ensuring all of their vendors and software meet every compliance and regulatory requirements is imperative,” said Jami Rahman, Senior Solutions Architect U.S. at Bynder.

In recent years, the digitalization of pharma and healthcare information has driven the healthcare industry to adapt. Not only do marketing campaigns need to be digital and scalable, online channels are also gaining in popularity. Facebook groups, online medical journals and condition-specific community websites have made it easier for patients to seek health information and support.

“Branding across all industries is evolving as the consumer consciousness heightens. In healthcare specifically, I think brands are going to start telling stories on how technology is enriching lives and healthcare delivery as opposed to pitching the shiny new features of their smartwatches, pills, wearables and management systems,” said Michael Gaspar, Program Manager, Social Media, HIMSS Media.

With the industry shifting towards digital engagement, healthcare companies see the need to invest in marketing technology solutions that focus on security, which also allow content creation, collaboration and distribution to live in one secure environment.