Pediatric Associates Implements Bridge Patient Portal® for Pediatric Features & Greenway™ EMR Interface

With features such as immunization records, growth charts, medical record sharing and age of majority rules engine, Bridge’s portal was the ideal choice for this pediatrics practice.

Kansas City-based pediatrics practice Pediatric Associates – a private practice with two locations and 17 providers – has implemented Bridge Patient Portal® for its robust suite of pediatric-specific features and its capacity to interface with Greenway™ EMR software. Pediatric Associates will benefit from a full integration between their EMR and the patient portal, as well as key features for the caregivers of their young patients.

“We are excited about the pediatric specialty,” says Bridge Patient Portal® CEO John Deutsch, “because it presents a number of challenges related to medical record sharing, age of majority, and other unique features.  Success in the pediatric specialty paves the way for success in larger and more complicated primary care scenarios, as pediatrics presents some of the greatest challenges for a patient portal.

Bridge offers a number of features for pediatricians that are difficult to find in other portals:

  • Immunization records: The child’s immunization history with the physician’s signature can be printed, making it easy to provide records for school or camp.
  • BMI, height, & weight growth charts: Track the child’s height and weight over time, and compare their growth against a standard growth chart.
  • Support for multiple children: It’s easy for parents to toggle between their own account and their children’s accounts.
  • Age of majority rules engine: Once a teen patient reaches the age of majority as per state law, parents’ and guardians’ access to their medical records will be automatically revoked.

Bridge Patient Portal® is also well-known for its capacity to interface with almost any EHR system – including Greenway™, the EMR used by Pediatric Associates.  Bridge offers interfaces with a number of EHRs, including Allscripts®, Nextgen®, athenahealth®, GE Centricity™, and all EHR software systems using X-Link.

“At Pediatric Associates, we strive to be innovators and leaders in the pediatric space,” says Dr. Natasha Burgertof Pediatric Associates.  “Bridge was the only portal with the functionality we needed to support our patient care goals.  Any physician working today understands the need for reliable communication with patients. Bridge is a tool that allows us to accomplish fast, accurate, and compassionate care with all the patients we serve.”

Current patients of Pediatric Associates can sign up now for the new portal.  Existing users of their previous portal were migrated to Bridge, allowing them to take advantage of the new portal and easing the headache of manual patient transfer for the Pediatric Associates staff.