Bridge Patient Portal Launches Next-Generation Telehealth Solution

Bridge adds an easy-to-use telehealth solution to its robust patient engagement platform to improve the overall virtual visit experience

Bridge Patient Portal announced the launch of its new telehealth solution that leverages Zoom for Healthcare. The addition of telehealth functionality further expands the company’s suite of patient engagement features and was developed to meet the increasingly complex needs of patients and health systems for interconnected virtual care during and after the pandemic. 

The healthcare industry has witnessed a surge in the acquisition of telehealth tools in an effort to quickly react to urgent and unexpected demand in 2020. However, current platforms don’t connect different touch points along the patient journey or offer long-term solutions that integrate with companies’ existing digital tools. Bridge was approached by its clients to develop a HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution with high-quality video as part of the larger patient engagement ecosystem, whereby a patient can book a video visit which integrates with other features such as appointment scheduling, intake, bill pay, and secure messaging, all through the same platform. 

How It Works

Bridge connects with a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) system(s) to allow patients to request a telehealth encounter by selecting the provider, date, and type of appointment. Once confirmed, Zoom creates a unique video visit room code for that appointment, and an email confirmation plus notification reminders are triggered at preset intervals before the appointment. 

Before the appointment begins, the patient will receive a secure notification with a link to the portal that allows them to securely join the Zoom meeting, with all of Zoom’s same familiar functionality. This Zoom link can also be integrated into Bridge’s intake module, providing patients with a seamless virtual visit experience.

The platform’s newest feature can be purchased as an add-on module to Bridge’s base Patient Portal product. 

“We’re excited to launch a fully automated telehealth solution different from anything else on the market. What makes Bridge unique is that our telehealth module is part of a comprehensive patient engagement platform with an interconnected suite of features such as self-scheduling, appointment reminders, bill pay, secure messaging and intake. This allows providers to take a holistic approach to telehealth and develop automated, custom workflows for greater efficiency, and provide patients with a single point of access from start-to-finish for everything from booking an appointment to messaging with their provider after a visit,” said John Deutsch, CEO of Bridge Patient Portal.  

As telehealth becomes even more mainstream, Bridge is committed to further developing its solution to address the healthcare industry’s needs for improved health and economic outcomes. This latest feature advances Bridge’s position as an all-in-one patient engagement platform that provides in-demand and easy-to-use solutions across the entire patient journey–from pre-visit appointment scheduling and intake to post-encounter bill pay and prescription refills.