Brandify Mobile Launches to Empower Brands with a Suite of Mobile-Centric Solutions

Brandify Mobile allows brands to connect with customers at multiple points in their customer journey

Brandify, the industry-leading provider of location-based digital marketing solutions that enables brands to connect better with their consumers, today announced the availability of the company’s new mobile platform, Brandify Mobile.

With the insurgence of mobile, where nearly 70 percent of local online traffic now lives, Brandify created a suite of services to help brands better connect with their customers. Brandify Mobile provides brands with multiple touch points to reach potential customers throughout the customer journey. By utilizing Brandify’s new mobile suite, brands will be better positioned to be present when customers are ready to make a purchase and continue to engage with them post-purchase.

The Brandify Mobile Stack is an integrated mobile-local solution creating a complete mobile customer experience. The Brandify Stack is made up of the following three products: The Brandify Stack, The Brandify App, and Mobile Attribution Insights.

The Brandify Stack well positions Brandify to keep building out the local-mobile layers of the product that are instrumental in connecting consumers to brands. Upon its first release, The Brandify Stack will include Brandify’s Location Software Development Kit (SDK), Beacon and Wallet Integration, and Apple Watch Integration.

Brandify Mobile gives brands and store managers the power to unify location data, act in real-time and grow local presence with flexible configuration options built to suit different organizations. The mobile-first features on the app will manage Listings, Reviews, and Local-Social CRM to effectively communicate with customers, better manage review response, and moderation, and schedule local content by region or by an individual store, all from the App.

Finally, Mobile Attribution Insights. Brandify is well-positioned to answer top level inquiries about local search ROI, such as “who walked into my store and what channel drove their conversion?” With Brandify’s Mobile Attribution model, the brand’s marketers will be able to identify walk-in rates locally.

“Brandify Mobile offers marketers a chance at mastering local presence and truly becoming their brand’s Chief Location Officers (CLOs). These CLOs are keenly aware of their customer’s journey and are first to anticipate or react to any customer-related needs or concerns at the local level. This is why it’s crucial for managers to have access to trending local data in real time,” said Manish Patel, CEO of Brandify. “Brandify Mobile now delivers these meaningful insights to top-level managers, assisting CLOs in staying ahead of both customer and competitor trends and providing the tools they need to calculate better attribution, improve the customer experience and create more meaningful relationships that ultimately increase revenue.”

All solutions are readily available for use. Those interested in learning more about Brandify Mobile are encouraged to join the Brandify App beta program, which can be found here.