Brain Rehab Company Constant Therapy Appoints Three Luminaries to Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Sarah Thomas and Hari Sundram, MD lend expertise in noninvasive cognitive therapies, the aging market and consumer data and analytics to further mobile therapy adoption

Dr. Pascual-Leone

Constant Therapy, which provides science­-based brain rehabilitation therapy delivered as a mobile app, today added three new Advisors to its Scientific Advisory Board. They include: Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, Sarah Thomas and Hari Sundram, MD. Together, they bring a depth of expertise in noninvasive cognitive therapies, the aging market and consumer data and analytics.

“As we strive to optimize the delivery of therapy for brain injury survivors using technology and data analytics, we are very proud to have Scientific Advisors of this caliber to guide us,” said Keith Cooper, CEO of Constant Therapy. “Their collective background will benefit our research, product development and data analytics and our understanding of the most effective therapies to help our clients and their caregivers.”
Joining the company’s Scientific Advisory board, which currently includes Professor John GabrielliProfessor Cynthia Thompson and Co-founder and Professor Swathi Kiran, are:

  • Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, is Professor of Neurology and an Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research at Harvard Medical School. He serves as Chief for the Division of Cognitive Neurology and the Director of the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  Dr. Pascual-Leone is a world leader in using noninvasive brain stimulation techniques for therapeutic applications in neurology and  neurorehabilitation. He plans to incorporate Constant Therapy into research he is conducting at the Brain Fit Club™ that explores ways to more quickly and accurately assess cognitive status and progress using mobile technology.
  • Sarah Thomas is Director of Global Innovation for Genesis Rehabilitation/ Genesis Healthcare, one of the largest post-acute care providers in the country. She is also an Innovation Fellow at Aging2.0. Sarah has dedicated 15 years to aging services and healthcare, holding key leadership positions in companies across the country and has spent the last eight years advising emerging technology companies and investors. As a passionate advocate for systems innovation in the elder care environment, Ms. Thomas will provide Constant Therapy with a rare and valuable perspective on the design and usage of their product in senior living communities.
  • Hari Sundram, M.D., is a serial entrepreneur, most recently founding and developing several companies through his venture incubator H2Novations, which is focused exclusively on healthcare devices, IT and services. H2Novations has successfully launched four companies and raised more than $200 million dollars to tackle problems in the insurance, medical device and healthcare markets. Dr. Sundram completed Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, and his anesthesiology residency, at the University of Pennsylvania. His medical background, together with years of experience using health data to drive services and decisions, will help strengthen Constant Therapy’s algorithms to optimize care and outcomes.

Born out of research at Boston University and other nationally recognized rehabilitation institutions, Constant Therapy provides a science-based brain rehabilitation app that is delivered via a mobile tablet (iPad, Android or Kindle) for therapy anytime, anywhere.  The company’s NeuroPerformance Engine™, an advanced analytics engine, analyzes patient performance and automatically personalizes therapy based on their specific performance and needs.

“Constant Therapy represents the future of cognitive and speech therapy,” said Dr. Pascual-Leone. “Precision therapy delivery, dynamic customization, automation and data tracking enable both speech and language pathologists and their clients to optimize outcomes.”