BMC HealthNet/Mercy Alliance Partners with PatientWisdom, Inc. to Roll Out CommunityWisdom

BMC HealthNet/Mercy Alliance uses digital solution to better understand community health needs in Springfield, MA

PatientWisdom, Inc. – the digital health company with a suite of solutions that transform the experience and delivery of care by listening to patients, providers, and community members – today announced that BMC HealthNet/Mercy Alliance will launch the CommunityWisdom solution to better understand community health needs in Springfield, MA. CommunityWisdom is a digital solution that uses open-ended questions to capture meaningful insights that will help Mercy’s Medicaid ACO meet the region’s unique patient care needs and address social challenges.

“To continue providing high-quality healthcare services and better serve our patient community, we’re collaborating with PatientWisdom, Inc. to launch CommunityWisdom,” saidCarol A. Toro, RN, BSN, MHA, Regional Executive Director, Clinically Integrated Network at Trinity Health Of New England. “CommunityWisdom captures meaningful real-world insights that will enable BMC HealthNet/Mercy Alliance to make more informed decisions about what health programs to continue, what to stop or what to start, and ultimately to better understand how the community views the role of health care in Springfield.”

CommunityWisdom’s digital health offering allows healthcare organizations like BMC HealthNet/Mercy Alliance to more effectively address community health by highlighting the perspectives of its members, whether or not they are active patients. The mobile-responsive, web-based solution elicits people’s thoughts about health issues, needs, and resources at both the individual and community level. The findings are analyzed and summarized as themes, sub-themes and, when relevant, sentiment to help health organizations develop or partner with programs that people will actually use.

“We are committed to helping BMC HealthNet/Mercy Alliance gain real-world insights so they can design care around the needs of people who live in the community,” said Dr. Gregory Makoul, Founder and CEO of PatientWisdom, Inc. “The qualitative insights generated by CommunityWisdom are a powerful guide to addressing regional challenges and improving health outcomes.”

Standard approaches to Community Health Needs Assessments and market intelligence typically focus on quantitative information and provide a relatively general view of the community. CommunityWisdom moves beyond these standard approaches to leverage qualitative insights that provide clear lines-of-sight into what matters to community members. This approach is critical for healthcare organizations that want to drive change via programs that people will value and use. For instance, results from CommunityWisdom guided major investment and programmatic decisions by OSF HealthCare, based in Peoria, IL.