Bloomlife and PeriGen Partner to Improve Access to Critical Maternal and Fetal Health in the Face of Maternity Care Deserts


Bloomlife and PeriGen, which offers the only AI-powered perinatal early warning system, have partnered to improve access to essential monitoring of high-risk pregnancies. The partnership will combine remote patient monitoring and AI-driven analytics to cost-effectively bring these procedures to patients rather than making patients travel to testing facilities. This portability aims to improve access and adherence to clinically recommended testing and enable earlier identification of complications to improve birth outcomes.

The U.S. is facing a maternal health crisis. Over 1,200 women die from pregnancy-related complications each year. Two-thirds of these deaths are considered preventable. Many women, especially those in rural areas–– often considered maternity care deserts –– and from disadvantaged backgrounds face challenges accessing quality prenatal care which contributes to poor outcomes. This crisis is particularly acute in the African American community, where black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. Together, Bloomlife and PeriGen aim to help reverse these alarming trends by improving access to care and providing deeper insights to clinicians through remote patient monitoring and enhanced analytics.

“We are thrilled to partner with PeriGen to further our mission of eliminating preventable maternal and fetal health complications,” said Eric Dy, CEO of Bloomlife. “By combining our remote patient monitoring technology with PeriGen’s data visualization and analytics, we can not only improve access and adherence to clinically recommended screening for patients but provide a seamless way to integrate into clinical workflows enabling care teams to easily adopt and utilize these services.”

Bloomlife’s platform will include a proprietary prenatal wearable for at-home fetal monitoring. This data will integrate into the PeriWatch Vigilance® software, leveraging advanced statistical tools to analyze patterns and alert clinicians to potential issues in real-time. PeriGen’s analytic capabilities will enhance efficiency and standardization of care for clinicians using the platform.

“Bloomlife shares our commitment to leveraging technology to improve safety in childbirth,” said Matthew Sappern, CEO of PeriGen. “We pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to improve identification of complications during labor and delivery, and are excited to demonstrate the opportunity for applying these solutions in the antepartum setting to drive timely interventions and better outcomes.”

This partnership underscores the vital role digital health, remote patient monitoring, and advanced analytics can play in improving access to care and maternal health outcomes, especially for at-risk populations. Bloomlife and PeriGen are leading the way in transforming maternal care through connected, data-driven solutions.