Biotricity Actively Pursues Holter Market with Bioflux Product Offering

Company Leverages Connectivity-Enabled Holter Capability to Expand Market Reach

Biotricity Inc. (OTCQBBTCY), a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company, today announced that it will be actively pursuing the Holter market in addition to the MCT market with its Bioflux product offering, expanding its revenue growth opportunities. Bioflux is a 3 in 1 monitoring solution, offering mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT), event, and Holter monitoring. Until now, the Company has primarily focused on the MCT market, recognizing that the future of patient monitoring lies in its real-time and remote capacities. This is because healthcare delivery is undergoing a seismic shift as connectivity becomes cheaper and ubiquitous, and as medical procedures and the point of care shifts to outpatient settings.

“We believe the future is in real-time, connected healthcare,” said Mr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Biotricity Founder and CEO. “While MCT monitoring has always been the primary focus of our Bioflux solution, we are starting to realize that there is a significant demand for Holter services because many physicians value the traditional approach offered by short-term monitoring. As a result, we are now pursuing the entire cardiac arrhythmia market to expand our revenue growth opportunities.”

Biotricity’s unique Holter capability leverages the Company’s mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) technology and is connectivity-enabled, which means that physicians are able to ensure in real-time that patient data is being collected accurately during the prescribed study period. Traditional Holter monitors typically have no connectivity, which effectively precludes physicians from ensuring that patient data is being collected during a study period until after the study has been completed. With its Holter capability, Biotricity can access clear ECG traces on a Holter report at any time, ensuring the collection of high-fidelity patient data. Physicians whose patients are using Bioflux are able to initiate a Holter study and obtain a high-quality, full-featured Holter report through an automated portal workflow quickly and conveniently.

“Customers have shown us the importance of traditional Holter monitoring,” said Mr. Casey Shattuck, Global Vice President of Sales at Biotricity. “With Bioflux, we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution in the cardiac suite while alleviating the challenges of Holter monitoring, helping us build a larger customer base and meet the diverse needs of our patients and prescribers.”