BetterDoctor Launches BetterDoctor ProofPoint, a Provider Data Validation Tool to Support New Uniform Provider Directory Standards

BetterDoctor launches BetterDoctor ProofPoint, a product to help the healthcare ecosystem validate doctor data. This includes helping insurance companies, provider groups, and health systems. ProofPoint enables these organizations to abide by upcoming network adequacy/accuracy regulations and uniform provider directory standards.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 25% of doctors’ information listed has inaccuracies. To mitigate this issue, legislative changes across states and at the federal level will soon require the healthcare system to deliver the most accurate and consistently updated doctor data. This is a challenging but necessary endeavor that will improve healthcare quality.

betterdoctor_proofpoint_15Now, more than ever, consumers must access better data. The data is changing so quickly—physician and nurse practitioner turnover is at an all time high as health systems consolidate. To date, there is no such thing as a “Golden Record” or “single source of truth” for provider data. BetterDoctor ProofPoint provides consistently validated data to help everyone keep up with these changes.

Ari Tulla, BetterDoctor CEO, puts it this way, “Helping providers share their information with all health plans and the healthcare ecosystem is the ultimate solution. BetterDoctor Proofpoint is designed to enable the healthcare system to work with factual information about doctors. In addition to helping patients find the right doctor, we want to help increase doctor data accuracy in collaboration with the health industry.”


Why accurate provider directories are necessary:

  • Consumers need accurate information about the providers and facilities that are in health plan provider networks when shopping for coverage.
  • Health plan enrollees need accurate information about which providers and facilities they can visit in-network.
  • Accurate information is necessary for consumers, regulators, and lawmakers to assess the adequacy of an insurer’s network.

BetterDoctor ProofPoint helps the healthcare industry keep doctor data accurate and health plans abide to upcoming regulatory rules. Ultimately, it’s our mission to help consumers find the right doctor for them.