Belong.Life Launches i-Belong High-Engagement Platform, Allowing Providers, Health Plans, Advocacy Groups and Other Health Ecosystem Players to Easily Build Self-Managed Online Patient Communities

i-Belong is Redefining Patient Engagement, Shared Knowledge and Communication in Healthcare

Belong.Life, a developer of global patient engagement and research platforms, and the largest health networks for cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, announced today the launch of i-Belong – Connecting Communities. i-Belong is a self-managed platform for health ecosystem players to build customizable communities and social networks. i-Belong will offer payers, providers, pharmaceuticals and patient advocacy groups personalized and configurable engagement tools to enable organizations to serve more patients effectively and efficiently.

This launch follows Belong developing the largest patient engagement apps for the cancer community, Belong-Beating Cancer Together, and the multiple sclerosis community, BelongMS, as well as its newer apps for COVID-19 and Crohn’s and colitis communities. The company now offers its technology, knowledge and platform to tackle industry challenges, enabling healthcare organizations and NGOs to utilize Belong proprietary technology and experience to build new communities using a pay-as-you-grow subscription model. i-Belong’s current customers and partners include groups working in cancer, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, psoriasis, autism and other health indications.

“I believe the i-Belong platform can completely change and enhance the mode of communication and shared knowledge in the healthcare industry by providing every organization the option to have a self-built and managed patient community, an environment they can be proud of and one that can support their goals,” said Eliran Malki, co-founder and CEO of Belong.Life. “The extremely high engagement levels on Belong’s apps have guided our development of i-Belong and will empower the entire ecosystem of care.”

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the lifesaving and sustainable nature of digital patient communities. Digital communities allow healthcare organizations to provide much more for their patients with the same or fewer resources – support them in their own care and life journeys and maintain an ongoing remote connection while creating a unique patient experience. However, despite crucial need, third-party organizations face multiple challenges, including cost and complexity of the required technology, regulatory concerns, and general know-how.

Along with working directly with payers, providers, patient groups and product innovators, Belong is partnering with many of the world’s leading research organizations to strengthen ties between patient communities and drug development and research champions.

“The i-Belong platform has been essential in building a community for our patients, allowing us to provide optimized care coordination and personalized content and communication when it really matters most,” said Dr. Gerald Batist, director of the Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal. “For years we have worked to find a solution to serve our patients more effectively, and i-Belong is allowing us to support each one of them on their unique journey. This is truly a game-changer for the industry.”

Belong.Life’s apps serve as global social networks and disease navigation platforms, providing hyper-personalized information to support patients through their illness journeys. They include support groups, access to medical professionals, and additional navigation tools such as a medical binder to store and organize medical records in one place, in addition to clinical trial matching services. The advanced mobile and desktop apps are powered by AI and machine learning algorithms to ensure the best support for its users.

“Given the engagement we’ve seen from the Belong.Life cancer- and multiple sclerosis-dedicated community apps, we know that providing our patients with a strong and supportive set of communities strengthens their voices as part of the care conversation, and improves their quality of life,” said Lior Levi, Chairman of HelpPTSD, NGO utilizing the i-Belong technology for their self-managed app. “We see tremendous potential for this platform to connect and support our PTSD members, their families, and their supportive ecosystem that will ultimately lead to improved care.”

All of Belong’s platforms, including the i-Belong SaaS solution, are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.