Belong.Life and American Cancer Society to Mobilize Cancer Patients Online with Social Network

Reinforces ACS Patient Commitment

Creates Pathway for Patients to Share Key Cancer Concerns

Partnership Creates One Million Interactions in Six Months, the world’s fastest-growing and now largest cancer patient and caregiver social network, today announced that its new closed-member forum has generated more than one million views and more than 4,000 chat discussions with the American Cancer Society (ACS)* care team in the first six months post launch. These numbers highlight the urgent need for cancer patients to access authoritative information and connect with each other as they tackle the challenges of their diagnoses, treatment and life journey. Coupled with the fast growth of the Belong community, estimates that the ACS forum will generate more than 8 million views in the next 12 months.

The ACS Belong collaboration, named American Cancer Society 4U, opens the way for Belongers to tap the latest cancer research news, important ACS updates, access to patient-tailored online resources drawing from machine-learning technology advances, and network with members coping with similar cancer-related issues. Forum members can contact the ACS National Cancer Information Center (NCIC) directly and receive personal guidance on a wide variety of cancer-related topics.

“The connections we have created with patients via our Belong group have broadened our reach to those who can directly benefit from access to our resources and expert guidance,” said Richard Wender, MD, chief cancer control officer, American Cancer Society.

During the last six months, thousands of conversations have been held within the American Cancer Society 4Uforum, touching on the most pressing patient-care priorities: treatment information and tips, coping with clinical conditions and side effects, emotional support, nutrition, ACS services, financial impact of cancer, seeking clinical trials, and others.

“Even with the closest of connections, it’s difficult for supportive family and friends to fully understand what you’re going through,” said an anonymous Belong user battling breast cancer. “Belong provides a safe haven to share experiences and knowledge and interact with people going through the exact same thing. It is empowering to know that I’m not alone, and have access to a tremendous amount of relevant information and resources. Most importantly, my own experiences may help someone else find a smarter path, and vice-versa. We are all here for each other.”

“Patients need information and support to overcome the medical, emotional, economic and physical challenges that present with a cancer diagnosis, and our ACS partnership combines the influence and mission of one of the world’s great advocacy groups with the active voice of the patient,” said Eliran Malki, co-founder and CEO of Belong. “We are honored to work with ACS and other global cancer-advocacy organizations dedicated to making a challenging life journey easier to navigate, by drawing on digital expertise and convenience to help beat cancer together.”

*ACS does not endorse any product or service.