Bamboo Health Solutions Provide Life-Saving Insights for Amerimed Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services


Real-Time Insights from Pings and Spotlights Improve Care Coordination for Reduced Hospital Readmissions and Better Health Outcomes

Bamboo Health™, formerly Appriss Health and PatientPing, a healthcare technology solutions company focused on fostering care collaboration and providing information and actionable insights across the entire continuum of care, announced that Amerimed Medical Solutions, a provider of mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States, has selected Bamboo Health for real-time insights into its patient population. Since implementing the Pings™ solution for real-time notifications whenever patients experience care events and Spotlights™ solution for an interactive, real-time dashboard of high priority performance metrics, Amerimed MIH has increased its inflow of patient referrals and improved continuity of care for reduced hospital readmissions and better patient outcomes.

According to Tara Massarelli, General Manager at Amerimed, who oversees the company’s MIH division, Bamboo Health’s solutions have already helped save the lives of Amerimed patients. Massarelli recounted a story in which they received a Pings discharge notification and scheduled a follow up visit. When the community paramedic arrived, the patient’s leg was hot and warm to the touch. Mobile imaging was ordered and conducted at the home. After an Amerimed nurse practitioner reviewed the imaging, she established transport for the patient to an emergency department (ED) for further evaluation – resulting in identification and treatment of a life-threatening condition before it was too late.

“Bamboo Health’s technology is a game changing innovation allowing continuity of care through communication, which has made it possible for Amerimed MIH to tear down walls within our siloed healthcare system and build new communication paths,” said Dixon Marlow, CEO and Owner of Amerimed. “We are particularly excited about the ability to know when and where our patients are readmitting to the hospital. We’re also pleased by the increased patient referrals, as well as Bamboo Health’s comprehensive care coordination network, which seamlessly connects us to the majority of our hospital, payer, and provider partners.”

As members of the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers (NAMIHP), both Bamboo Health and Amerimed lead the way in community awareness of the mobile integrated healthcare model. MIH and community paramedicine programs utilize mobile resources to deliver care and services to patients in and out of hospital environments in coordination with healthcare facilities and other healthcare providers.

“As care continues to move beyond hospital walls, MIH services will play an increasingly important role in the future of healthcare, which is why Bamboo Health is so pleased to partner with Amerimed, an organization that is working to bridge the gap between home and hospital,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Bamboo Health. “Our ability to seamlessly connect every payer, provider, and care team member, backed by our differentiated care collaboration network reach and interoperability, provides Amerimed with the real-time insights they need to provide and coordinate care that a patient would receive in a traditional doctor’s office in their own home.”