AVer Unveils MD120UI Medical Grade PTZ Camera at ATA Nexus 2024


AVer’s MD120UI, a 4K PTZ camera featuring IR night view, for enhanced patient monitoring and communication, comes to market during American Telemedicine Association Nexus 2024

AVer Information Inc. USA, an award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, has introduce the MD120UI, a medical grade, feature-rich pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera designed for patient monitoring at ATA Nexus 2024.

AVer’s MD120UI is highly-versatile and explicitly designed for patient monitoring and telemedicine. The MD120UI is equipped with cutting-edge AI technologies that streamline the monitoring process, enabling healthcare providers to remain attentive to patient needs at scale. With its 20X optical zoom and 4K imaging capabilities, coupled with an IR night view function, the MD120UI delivers crystal-clear visuals and 24-hour monitoring with no blind spots. The Infrared Night Vision function of the MD120UI enables continuous patient monitoring around the clock without disturbing the patient’s sleep or compromising the safety of healthcare providers. This capability ensures secure and efficient patient care even in dark room conditions. In any healthcare setting, it is crucial to respect patients’ trust and stay compliant to privacy laws. By activating the MD120UI’s Privacy Mode, the transmission of video and audio data can be stopped, ensuring that no information leaves the ward. The camera can also pixelate an individual’s face in the video stream for optional security with the Mosaic feature in the Web UI.

“VSee has consistently appreciated the quality and clarity of AVer’s cameras designed for medical use. The introduction of the MD120UI sets a new standard, particularly with its IR night view and AI-powered features. We eagerly anticipate leveraging these advancements to expand our capabilities in remote patient care,” said Erika Chuang, VP of Product at VSee Telehealth.

“Advancements in healthcare technology, particularly AI and video conferencing solutions, are accelerating remote patient monitoring, virtual nurse and telehealth capabilities by providing everyone with better video experiences. The AVer MD120UI is an example of those advancements,” said Rich Moscoso, Product Manager, Connected Health Division, AVer Information Inc. USA. “The MD120UI combines impressive high-quality features with a simplified user experience to empower remote patient monitoring, virtual nurse consultations, and telehealth sessions. We look forward to showcasing the initiative features of the MD120UI at ATA Nexus 2024.”

The MD120UI features helpful functions, including fast focus speed for seamless patient viewing and embedded microphones, which capture all sounds in the patient room and transmit them to the nursing station in real time. This functionality allows medical staff to receive crucial information promptly, facilitating timely interventions and enhancing virtual care settings. The MD120UI boasts unparalleled versatility, operating as a PTZ telehealth camera or virtual nurse on medical carts or bedside use for patient monitoring. Notably, the MD120UI is TAA and NDAA compliant and holds the EN 60601-1-2 Medical Certification, emphasizing its adherence with industry standards and regulations. The camera is protected by the AVerCare three-year warranty program with 24-hour replacement in the first year of coverage.

AVer is in booth #643 at ATA Nexus 2024 today through May 7th in Phoenix. To learn more about AVer Information Inc. USA, please visit averusa.com.