Availity and PriorAuthNow Team Up to Streamline Prior Authorizations


The strategic alliance brings together a large national health information network and a large integrated prior authorization network

Availity, a large, nationals real-time health information network, announced a strategic alliance with PriorAuthNow, a leading real-time prior authorization network that connects providers and payers, to form the a large, integrated healthcare prior authorization network.

This alliance will unite PriorAuthNow’s EHR-integrated prior authorization workflows with Availity’s multi-payer offerings to deliver timely prior authorization services. According to a recent CAQH CORE case study, PriorAuthNow significantly reduced the effort spent conducting a prior authorization by 91%, from 45 minutes to 4. Additionally, 25% of the prior authorizations in the study required no human effort at all.

This fully connected and integrated network is expected to be one of the first to bring value to both providers and payers by solving prior authorization at scale, working toward the mission of solving long-running systemic challenges with the prior authorization process.

Availity’s 20 years of expertise serving payers and providers will be a key asset as PriorAuthNow establishes itself as the bridge from prior authorizations to intelligent care collaboration. The relationship is natural, as each company prioritizes a focus on patient care and the efficiencies needed to do it well.

“As an industry, we’ve been talking about the challenges and inefficiencies of prior authorizations for a long time, so we’re eager to collaborate with PriorAuthNow to solve this important problem,” says Availity CEO Russ Thomas. “Our products together bring unmatched benefit to all healthcare stakeholders. We know the high-quality service that PriorAuthNow brings to the table and can’t wait to deliver results with them.”

“We’re  excited to work alongside the brilliant team at Availity to continue untangling the prior authorization process and drive change where it’s needed,” says PriorAuthNow CEO Joe Anstine. “It’s an area we’re both committed to improving to create better outcomes for providers, payers, and most importantly patients. It’s great to partner with allies chasing the same vision.”