Augmented Reality Virtual Mirror is Revolutionizing Plastic Surgeon Consultations for the Future

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, M.D., a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The ILLUSIO visualization platform allows plastic surgery patients to see what they’re going to look like…before surgery. This breakthrough technology enables surgeons to replace traditional verbal discussions with a modern interactive experience with their patients.

ILLUSIO, a leader in augmented reality visualization systems for breast augmentation, has developed innovative technology that unlocks the ability to have a visual discussion with patients, and it is well documented that comprehension is greatly increased with the addition of visual aids.
The augmented reality virtual mirror platform created by ILLUSIO helps patients convey their preferences and allows plastic surgeons to educate their patients on the potential outcomes. This completely disruptive technology transforms traditional verbal discussions into an interactive experience where patients can see themselves as surgeons change their bodies to show them the possibilities of aesthetic surgery and procedures.
As women are looking at themselves in the Virtual Mirror, surgeons have the ability to change things such as volume, sag, cleavage and many other modifications in order for both the surgeon and patient to discover what the patient wants and what the surgeons believe to be a realistic outcome.
“Our market research clearly shows that over 95% of women who are considering breast augmentation would prefer to see a surgeon who is using the ILLUSIO visualization platform. It enables them to fully comprehend what their plastic surgeon is envisioning for their body,” says Ethan Winner, CEO of ILLUSIO.
“I was just in awe. I did not know that technology like this existed. A great way to get on the same page with your doctor about what you are trying to accomplish,” says Taylor Hucka, an actual breast augmentation patient.
“With ILLUSIO, I can manage my patients’ expectations better than ever for breast augmentation. With 3D imaging and morphing, my patients can visualize possible results and get excited about what they can look like with the Virtual Mirror. They can see themselves as I create visions of possible outcomes! This technology really sets my practice apart from competitors and gives me an edge on giving patients an optimal experience,” says Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, M.D., a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.