Assuta Ashdod Medical Center Deploys MedAware’s Patient Safety Platform

Israel’s newest hospital boosts real-time medication error prevention with AI-driven technology

MedAware (, a developer of AI-based patient safety solutions, today announced that Assuta Ashdod, Israel’s newest hospital, will deploy its life-saving AI-driven solution within its 300-bed facility.

The live implementation follows a successful “silent mode” trial deployment, which validated the accuracy and clinical relevance of MedAware’s safety platform.

“The advanced life-saving capabilities of MedAware’s enhanced clinical decision support were clear to us after only a few short months of active mode deployment,” said Dr. Amir Dagan, Head of the Rheumatology unit and a senior physician in Internal Medicine B at Assuta Medical Center. “MedAware provides an essential layer of protection to ensure the prevention of medical errors or faulty prescriptions that can lead to morbidities. Critically, the system does so with a low alert burden, resulting in our physicians changing their behavior based on MedAware notifications. This is a drastic improvement on previous systems, which have an alert acceptance rate of under one percent.”

“Assuta Medical Center is determined to provide the highest level of care for its patients, and we believe that MedAware allows us to do so safely and effectively.” Dr. Dagan added.

MedAware’s flagship solution utilizes big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify and prevent medication errors at the point of care and notifies providers about evolving medication risks, including adverse drug events, contraindications and opioid dependency – all of which could lead to patient harm and poor outcomes.

“MedAware’s live deployment in Assuta Ashdod demonstrates the value we continue to bring to providers and further proves our effectiveness in identifying medication related risks and preventing patient harm,” said Dr. Gidi Stein, CEO and Co-founder of MedAware. “This implementation furthers our goals of protecting 100 percent of the Israeli population and transforming patient safety across the globe.”