Ardent Health Services Selects Quantum Health and Imagine360 to Optimize Health Benefits Program and Better Support Employee Healthcare Journeys


Leading national health system to leverage new combined Quantum Health navigation platform and Imagine360 as alternative to traditional, self-funded health plan solutions

Ardent Health Services, a provider of healthcare in communities across the country, has selected Quantum Health, a consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company, and Imagine360, a provider of alternative self-funded health plan solutions healthcare navigation to support its new team member health benefits offering. Ardent’s national footprint includes 30 hospitals, over 200 sites and more than 1,700 aligned providers.

Quantum Health and Imagine360’s partnership will offer Ardent’s 23,000 team members and dependents a powerful alternative to high-cost managed care networks, and a better member experience with expert support, improved clinical outcomes and cost savings.

“Our team members’ health benefits expectations have expanded, and they are looking for a healthcare experience that is as easy and streamlined as other facets of their lives,” said Carolyn Schneider, chief human resources officer of Ardent Health Services. “Quantum Health will serve as the navigation provider for all our team members, and Imagine360 will ensure our team members and their families receive the most appropriate, cost-effective care.”

“Quantum Health is honored to provide our navigation and care coordination platform combined with Imagine360’s unique solution to Ardent team members and bring their health benefits administrative, technological, digital health and human support components together into one simple and effective experience that drives better engagement and outcomes,” said Zane Burke, chief executive officer of Quantum Health.

Quantum Health’s proprietary care management and Real-Time Intercept® capabilities, combined with the company’s trusted Healthcare Warriors®, proactively guide and support members through their entire healthcare journey. Enabled by this human-centered engagement technology, Quantum Health serves as the single point of contact for all member healthcare benefits and care needs. The company currently supports over 3 million members and over 500 employer clients.

“We are excited to support Ardent through our strategic partnership with Quantum Health to provide better access to high-value providers through a solution that creates savings for Ardent and its team members. In addition to serving Ardent’s health plan, this relationship will provide our growing list of employer clients with direct access to Ardent facilities and providers across the country. Their commitment to quality care and innovative approach to direct employer relationships make Ardent a perfect fit for us,” said Jeff Bak, chief executive officer of Imagine360.

“To give our team members the opportunity to utilize the high-quality care provided within our own health system, we have established a unique single-entry point healthcare experience that combines concierge-level digital and human-centric member navigation, network steerage, and price protection, all while focusing on how we can do more to bring employers a top-tier self-funded health plan while still managing costs,” said Alfred Lumsdaine, chief financial officer of Ardent Health Services.