American Rheumatology Network Announces Partnership with Augmedix

American Rheumatology Network announces partnership with Augmedix to scale the use of Augmedix to community rheumatology practices across the nation

American Rheumatology Network (ARN), a leading national group purchasing organization for community-based rheumatology practices, announced that they have partnered with Augmedix, Inc., a leading digital health platform that offers virtual medical documentation and live clinical support.

ARN is a national network of over 300 community-based providers spread across 83 locations. One of ARN’s core missions is to enable its members to scale clinical best practices and obtain access to cutting edge technology optimized for rheumatology. This mission drove them to partner with Augmedix, an organization working to rehumanize healthcare using technology so that physicians can focus on what matters most: patient care.

The Augmedix partnership provides ARN members with access to Augmedix’s Ambient Automation Platform (AAP). The AAP converts the natural conversation between physicians and patients into timely and comprehensive medical notes and provides a suite of related services. The medical note, overseen by trained medical documentation specialists, is generated using the AAP, which incorporates structured data models, automatic speech recognition and natural language processing.

“Augmedix has allowed me to save hours every day. It’s a tremendous boost to my quality of life, and I’m excited to see this innovative service begin to scale to my colleagues across the Network,” said Dr. Colin Edgerton, an ARN member. “I’ve been using Augmedix for 7 years; their technology and operations are impressive and continue to improve with every year that goes by.”

“From day one, we’ve been committed to complex specialty care,” said Manny Krakaris, Chief Executive Officer at Augmedix. “We’re truly excited by this new partnership as it will provide us a direct pathway into a national network of rheumatology practices. Furthermore, we are especially eager to partner with ARN due to their unique focus on innovation. Together, we are working on a rich innovation roadmap to deploy Augmedix in custom ways so that Augmedix-generated documentation and data structuring can improve clinical outcomes.”