AMD Global Telemedicine’s Tele ICU Solution Boosts ICU Efficiency By Allowing Physicians To Remotely Monitor Patient Vitals In Real-Time

AMD Global Telemedicine and DocBox have partnered to build the Tele ICU solution, which frees up resources for inpatient critical care and ICU units and lowers expenses incurred in delivering this level of care.

AMD, the Chelmsford, MA-based telemedicine technology vendor with over thirty years’ experience offers a telehealth software platform that allows for video visits simultaneous with medical device streaming. Waltham, MA-based DocBox offers a continuous ICU monitoring technology that connects to any medical device, PACS platform or EMR. The two technologies together enable intensivists to remotely monitors critical patients’ vitals in real time, making it possible for off-site clinicians to monitor patients more efficiently while reducing patient and physician exposure to COVID.

“The ICU has the sickest of the sick,” said AMD CEO Eric Bacon. “With DocBox, a doctor can call in from down the hall, across the state or even across the world, and still be able to monitor patients’ conditions.”

The Tele ICU platform can also make more efficient use of providers managing severely ill patients. One client, an India-based hospital named Medanta, found that by using the ICU technology solution, a single physician could monitor 22 ICU beds. 

This capability has become increasingly important in the wake of the COVID crisis, which has forced changes in how hospitals use in-person care. 

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The Tele ICU solution will be featured in AMD Global Telemedicine’s (Booth 1106) at the ATA2023 Conference & Expo, March 4-6, 2023 in San Antonio. You can download a brief overview of the Tele ICU solution here.