Aga Khan University Selects MEDITECH for International EHR Partnership

Executives and leaders from MEDITECH, MEDITECH South Africa, and Aga Khan University are excited to partner together to deliver quality healthcare to under-served populations.

Global pioneer in healthcare and research to deploy system across multiple countries

MEDITECH has further extended its global presence by partnering with Aga Khan University, an international institution of distinction providing health services to millions of people in the developing world, to deploy Expanse, the company’s state-of-the-art, web-based Enterprise Health Record (EHR). The initial deployment will be at Aga Khan’s academic medical center and clinics in Nairobi, Kenya with a subsequent deployment in Karachi, Pakistan.

“This is one of my proudest days at MEDITECH,” says Howard Messing, CEO. “It is truly an honor to partner with Aga Khan University, and to align ourselves with their commitment to providing quality healthcare to underserved populations, as well as to their deeper mission of advancing education, culture, and overall quality of life for their communities.”

For over 60 years, Aga Khan University (AKU) has taken a broad, long-range, research-based approach to health that addresses chronic issues in poor communities. As its universities and teaching hospitals are located in the developing world, it conducts world-class research on the endemic and emerging health issues of these areas. Working with partners across the globe, its ultimate aim is to create efficient and appropriate health systems that raise the quality of life of populations in the developing world.

“The benefits of an integrated EHR will be particularly significant in the countries we serve,” says AKU President Firoz Rasul. “The access to an abundance of data (AKU serves 2.2 million patients annually) will enable us to ask better questions and find better solutions to specific diseases and chronic issues in all the communities we serve. The information gained will be of value not only within our own healthcare system but also to the population of the region as a whole—and through our research, will inform health outcomes in related populations across the globe.”

The installation will be a joint effort between MEDITECH and MEDITECH South Africa. “This is such an exciting opportunity and challenge for us,” says Charlotte Jackson, CEO of MEDITECH International, the international arm of MEDITECH. “We’ve seen firsthand what an integrated EHR can do in the developing world, we know what we achieved in Botswana, using technology to deliver population health concepts in a remote, underserved area. We can’t wait to start changing lives across the countries that Aga Khan serves.”