Advanced ICU Care Launches Remote Telemetry Services with Adventist Health System

Remote Monitoring of At-Risk Cardiac Patients Deepens High-Acuity Telemedicine Partnership

Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced today the launch of telemetry monitoring services with Gordon Hospital, part of Adventist Health System.  Gordon Hospital, which participates in the growing multi-state tele-ICU relationship between Adventist Health System and Advanced ICU Care, extends the high-acuity telemedicine partnership with remote telemetry monitoring services.

Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry services provide 24/7 monitoring by trained and certified telemetry technicians. Telemetry technicians proactively monitor heart rhythms and related alerts of at-risk cardiac patients at Gordon Hospital by identifying complications and allowing for advanced intervention. Through communications from Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry technicians, bedside teams at the hospital will be further supported to deliver exceptional patient care.

“Delivering the highest quality patient care is a top priority at Gordon Hospital,” said Amy Jordon, Chief Nursing Officer of Gordon Hospital. “By implementing Advanced ICU Care’s 24/7 telemetry monitoring services into our hospital facilities, our nurses are able to focus on providing care to patients while, as an organization, allowing us to optimize monitoring of our patients at risk for cardiac events.”

Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry service addresses care and safety opportunities associated with clinical alarm systems that have been highlighted by national care institutions. The Joint Commission defined alarm-related safety as a National Patient Safety Goal for 2018 while The ECRI Institute identified it among its Top 10 issues for 2018. Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry program enhances a hospital’s ability to closely monitor its cardiac patients.

“Adventist Health System proactively seeks opportunities to elevate the care we provide our patients in a manner that is scalable across our network of hospitals,” said Jean Turcotte, System Director Patient Care Operations at Adventist Health System. “Partnering with Advanced ICU Care to efficiently provide 24/7 remote monitoring of our at-risk cardiac patients was a natural extension of our tele-ICU relationship in which we utilize a consistent and collaborative approach to provide outstanding care to our higher-acuity patients via telemedicine.”

“The expansion of our telemedicine relationship with Gordon Hospital underscores both the hospital and health system’s deep commitment and forward-thinking approach to patient care,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Advanced ICU Care. “We share their vision and are committed to a continued care-focused, service-oriented partnership with the system.”