Accolade Introduces the Maya Intelligence Engine, Using AI and Machine Learning to Deliver the Most Personalized Healthcare Experience

Accolade Introduces the Maya Intelligence Engine, Using AI and Machine Learning to Deliver the Most Personalized Healthcare Experience

Accolade also Introduces a new Mobile Experience with Accolade Mobile, the First Healthcare App to Enable Live Messaging with Dedicated Health Assistants and Nurses

SEATTLE, WA – June 13, 2017 – Accolade announces the Maya Intelligence Engine featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to provide highly personalized healthcare support for individuals and their families. Maya is core to the Accolade healthcare engagement and influence platform, which supports individuals in making smart healthcare decisions that improve their healthcare experience and health outcomes, as well as costs to both individuals and their employers. The company also announces its new Accolade Mobile app, the first app in healthcare to enable live messaging with dedicated Health Assistants and Nurses on any health- or benefits-related question or concern.

The Accolade solution integrates the broadest set of personal health data and information – benefit plans, medical and Rx claims, biometrics results, risk scoring, demographics, integrated point solutions, and interactions between members and Accolade Health Assistants and Nurses. With this data, the Maya Intelligence Engine performs sophisticated targeting of populations down to the individual level, presenting highly personalized recommendations to Health Assistants and Nurses as they engage with each member, and directly to members as they interact with Accolade through the web or mobile app.

“There is tremendous expectation in the industry for AI to solve some of the big challenges in healthcare, but it doesn’t work on its own,” said Mike Hilton, chief product officer at Accolade. “To truly impact people’s health and the broken cost structure in healthcare, we need to apply AI to a far more personal and complete set of health data, and we need a way to deliver personalized and relevant healthcare recommendations to individuals. The combination of these factors has been missing in healthcare, but it exists with Accolade.”

Maya’s intelligence becomes more relevant, efficient and effective with every interaction between Accolade Health Assistants and Nurses and the individuals and families they support. The impact of Maya and the Accolade platform are seen in the 70% engagement levels across its employer populations, member satisfaction ratings of 98%, and employer cost savings of up to 5% in the first year and 15% by year five.

New Accolade Mobile Experience

The Maya intelligence engine powers the entire Accolade platform, including the company’s new mobile app, Accolade Mobile. This new mobile experience is the first mobile healthcare application to allow live messaging with dedicated Health Assistants and Nurses on any benefits- or health-related question or concern.

With Accolade Mobile, members can ask quick questions, engage in ongoing messages or escalate to phone calls with Health Assistants and Nurses. Accolade members are messaging about benefits questions, sending photos of their bills for review and clarification, getting support for health concerns and finding the right doctors, preparing for doctor visits with suggested questions from Accolade Nurses, and getting compassionate and trusted support to stay on track with provider care plans.

In just 30 days, Accolade Mobile holds a five-star rating in the iTunes app store, and is achieving higher than 50% engagement with registered members. Accolade Mobile is a part of the Accolade solution, available to members on iOS and Android phones.

About Accolade

Accolade is an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans and health systems. Accolade’s team of compassionate, trusted professionals is supported by breakthrough science and technologies to guide people through the healthcare system in a deeply personalized manner. Accolade customers experience industry-leading engagement levels, satisfaction scores unseen in health care, better health outcomes, and cost savings of more than 10 percent. Accolade has been recognized as one of the nation’s 25 most promising companies by Forbes magazine, the fastest-growing private healthcare company by Inc. 500 and a Top Workplace for five consecutive years. For more information, visit


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