AbilTo Launches Behavior Change Program for Those Suffering From Co-occurring Depression, Substance Use

Tele-Behavioral Health Program Identifies Triggers, Reinforces Positive Coping Alternatives

AbilTo, Inc., the leading provider of tele-behavioral health programs proven to improve medical outcomes and lower costs for high-risk medical populations, today announced the addition of its Depression and Substance Use program. The new program helps individuals understand the interaction between mood and substance use, and identify strategies to replace use with positive coping skills and healthy reinforcement.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has attributed $166 billion to the cost of healthcare resulting from the abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Among those individuals with substance use disorders, sixty percent also suffer from depression. Studies have shown that behavioral change programs, such as those administered by AbilTo, can measurably reduce the cost of care and improve outcomes for these individuals.

Through its proven clinical approach utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based tools, AbilTo’s Depression and Substance Use program helps participants:

  • Effectively monitor triggers
  • Enhance motivation for change
  • Learn alternative coping skills that reduce the need to use
  • Set achievable goals to maximize improved lifestyle habits
  • Remove barriers to life goals
  • Improve productivity at work and in daily routines

AbilTo’s Depression and Substance Use program helps participants focus on specific behaviors that influence depression and use.Participants receive non-judgmental, personalized support to modify negative behaviors and practice effective coping skills. They learn to clearly articulate their goals and find ways to increase their self-motivation and efficacy, through a deeper confidence in their ability to change. As with AbilTo’s other program offerings, licensed clinical social workers and behavior coaches provide treatment by telephone or secure video.

“Behavior change, for those who suffer from substance use and depression, can be challenging,” said Aimee Peters, LCSW, chief clinical officer, AbilTo. “Our program acknowledges that the journey toward change is different for each individual, and our providers tailor their approach accordingly. This enables participants to set unique, achievable goals that get them back on the path to happier, healthier and more productive lives.”

The new program is available immediately.


About AbilTo, Inc.

AbilTo, Inc. (pronounced “able to”) is a behavioral healthcare provider that combines best-in-class patient engagement with tele-behavioral health programs to address the depression, anxiety, and stress that can accompany medical issues and interfere with patient recovery. AbilTo programs improve outcomes and lower the cost-of-care for high-risk medical populations, including individuals with heart disease, diabetes, and chronic pain, among others. All programs utilize best-practice protocols and are delivered nationally by teams of licensed therapists and behavior coaches via telephone or secure video. In partnership with health plans and large employers, AbilTo helps program participants experience improved health, better recovery and, in the case of heart patients, fewer hospitalizations. For more information, visit www.abilto.com.