AbilTo Introduces Military Transitions Program for Veterans Finding Return to Civilian Life Challenging

Tele-Behavioral Health Program to Address PTSD, Transitional Issues, Positive Coping Strategies for Veterans

AbilTo, Inc., the leading provider of tele-behavioral health programs proven to improve medical outcomes and lower costs for high-risk medical populations, today announced its Military Transitions Program, designed specifically to help veterans address the personal, interpersonal and emotional challenges that often accompany return from service at any point during the readjustment period.

Using a tailored behavioral change solution, AbilTo helps participants effectively address a range of issues, from PTSD to other common challenges that create difficult transitions to civilian life, including the following:

  • Re-adjusting to civilian life and culture.
  • Re-establishing a role in the family.
  • Preparing to transition back into the civilian workforce and acknowledging the different pace of life and work.
  • Reconnecting with friends and joining or creating a community.
  • Understanding how to connect with those who may not relate to their military experiences.

Overcoming Traditional Barriers

Veterans can face significant access barriers to getting effective treatment. Having a limited support network can create feelings of isolation, and stigma can make it difficult to ask for help. Receiving confidential support in the comfort of one’s own home helps overcome many issues of access. AbilTo is uniquely qualified to address these barriers with its proven clinical approach, simple engagement and ease of access via a remote treatment delivery model.

The goal of the Military Transitions Program is to improve mood management and practice action-oriented behavior that is goal and values driven. To achieve this, an AbilTo therapist and behavior coach work with participants over the phone or via secure video to increase their understanding of the interaction between mood symptoms and negative coping strategies. Skills development focuses on enhancing motivation and adaptive coping, mood and trigger monitoring, improving interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and improving the use of support systems.

According to AbilTo’s Chief Clinical Officer Aimee Peters, “We’ve known for some time that veterans returning from service often struggle with painful and intrusive memories of what they experienced, as well as other emotional challenges. AbilTo providers are experts in life transitions; they are uniquely qualified to support our returning veterans. And we feel privileged to offer that help to our country’s heroes.”

The new program will be available in January 2016. Interested parties can learn more about it by contacting AbilTo at 866-287-1802.